Loud & Lonely vol. 1

by Fuzzy Cracklins Presents

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The music is loud and each track was written and performed by one person. Fuzzy Cracklins has collected the loudest and heaviest tracks by solo musicians from all over the world so that you can enjoy them in one album. Stoner, desert, metal, instrumental, vocals, psychedelic, electronic ... many different sounds and all of them are fresh and loud.

All profits go to supporting the musicians. Fuzzy keeps nothing.

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released December 7, 2018

A huge THANK YOU to each musician here for their great music and for their permission to include it on this album.

Album cover by Jorge Cisternas from Humanotone

Poster by Max Perry (included in download)
Print your copy at www.deviantart.com/maxoperry/art/Loud-and-Lonely-Poster-Art-771762856

Built On The Bones Of The Dead 2 Colour poster by Joshua Mathus (included in download)
Print your copy at www.deviantart.com/joshuamathus/art/Built-On-The-Bones-Of-The-Dead-2-Colour-765504965

Professor Electric (USA)
Funky, dirty, and electric. And he gives us an exclusive new track to start things off. Be sure to check out the Professor's videos on Instagram and YouTube.

Nydeaf (France)
Also a member of Artifex, when Nydeaf found out about this compilation he encouraged Fuzzy to get the fuzz out and get it done. Many thanks to Nydeaf for his encouragement. And his exclusive track completely totally rips.

Pusherkid (France)
Pusherkid is the bassist in Artifiex. Fuzzy wanted more bass and now he's got it. Turn down the volume before 1:05 drops. You've been warned. Pusherkid is playing a 5-string Bacchus WL running through a Hartke 200W amp. And you know it's good because even Mrs. Cracklins digs it.

Exequiel Maffei (Argentina)
Spanish makes any song heavier. Exequiel Maffei is the proof of that.

Jack Winters (UK)
Jack Winters' songwriting seems to know no limit ... a trip through his extensive discography reveals a variety that is more than worth the exploration.

Nanaki (Isle of Man)
Who said post-rock can't be loud? Thoughtful composition, textured sounds, and heavy rock combine into some seriously good music.

A Borrowing Kid Generation (Greece)
ABKG is the one-man heavy sound machine from Greece which continues to blow away the world with its stoner sound.

Crushing Yellow Sun (USA)
As prolific as he is loud. Dig through his back catalog if your ears can handle the sonic crushing heaviness.

Jerky Dirt (UK)
My man Smiggy never steers me wrong with his music recommendations. Truly a man after my own fuzzy heart. The grungy stoner riffs and groovy vocals of Jerky Dirt are just one among many of Smiggy's suggestions. Check out his collection at bandcamp.com/smiggy6773

The Heavy Door Band (USA)
Stoner music by a stoner for stoners. Music to open your mind and expand your horizons. And some of the best merch on Bandcamp.

B I G. M I D G E T (UK)
Don't try to sing along with the fuzzy, doomy, riffy tracks on this wall of sound. You might blow a lung.

XTaKeRuX (Saudi Arabia)
Fuzzy is one of those people who watches all those guitar videos on YouTube. You know which ones. All you can see is the guitar. Fuzzy watches and watches until he finds the ones that rip your speakers off. XTaKeRuX is one of those guitar players.

Marco Di Stasio (Italy)
Marco is the reason you are listening to all this great music right now. One day as Fuzzy was enjoying the sounds from Marco's vast catalog, he realized he had to do what he could to promote the solo music scene. And here we are. Thanks, Marco!

Brundle Haze (Sweden)
Brundle Haze loves the sound of 60s and 70s progressive and psychedelic rock, and works to mix that with the sweet insanity of doom. And a little Beethoven for good measure.

Upper Eighty (USA)
Upper Eighty plays all the instruments himself including drums. Starts mellow then the guitars start ripping. Crank this one up.

Humanotone (Chile)
My neighbors here in the bayou can hear that I mostly listen to instrumental stoner and metal, but I make an exception when the vocals match the music as well as they do here. Is that because Humanotone is singing and playing all the instruments himself? Or that he's singing in Spanish? Great tunes either way.

Secrets of Lost Empires (USA)
When Secrets of Lost Empires is not recording heavy psychedelic tracks like this one, he's also illustrating Sherbet Lock as well as album covers and band art. Check out his work at www.deviantart.com/joshuamathus

Dr Sludgelove (Hungary)
Combines a heavy movie with heavy music to produce an album that creates a truly unique (and loud) experience. Fuzzy has a love of samples and this track delivers them to perfection.

doctea (UK)
You don't always need a guitar and a pedal to get loud. Here we have the doctor serving up some electronic psychedelic heaviness and there are no guitars in earshot.

The Mad Poet (USA)
The only thing better than The Mad Poet's guitar work and melodic compositions is getting a new album every week. It doesn't get much fresher (or louder) than that.

Stonehag (Portugal)
Doomy, dark, and heavy. Not many of the tracks on this compilation have vocals, but the ones that do (including this one) match the singing perfectly with the music.

Eric Jason Brock (USA)
Eric has been playing guitar ever since being inspired by Ace Frehley when he was a kid and has a melody-driven, song-based rock guitar style.

Nick Chacon (USA)
Nick's latest album has a bit of everything: funk, jazz, punk, electronic, Latin, prog ... and, well, rock. Double rock.

Mage of the Ming (Australia)
Let's wrap it up with the doomiest track on the comp. Certified ready for chopping.


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