The Hidden Lair

by Dos Brujos

The Swamp Krewe exclusive


The hidden lair.... all we know for sure is that it is located somewhere in Graz, Austria. Several times a month, the Two Wizards meet to drink lots of beer and thrash their sticks & strings. The jams are always fresh and unique. Maybe they are shit (not ever) and sometimes they are magic (usually). But whichever they are, they are ALWAYS unique and will NEVER be played again! And you get to hear Fuzzy's favorites right here.

These are the tracks on Fuzzy's personal Dos Brujos playlist selected from their 2018 releases.

A big THANK YOU to Dos Brujos for their permission to use their music on this compilation. And for sharing their jams with us!

Check out the vast collection of fresh thrash metal jams by Dos Brujos at

The Idylls of the King by Gustave Doré. King Arthur asking Merlin for advice.


released June 1, 2019

The Austrian thrash metal jam masters deliver what only they can and it is an honor to start this collection with an exclusive jam mixed and mastered especially for this album. It is the only track from a December jam session to be released ... we may never hear the other jams due to the challenges in mixing the sound setup in use that day.

From the Southern Sky
What started off as a couple of metalheads swilling beer and thrashing their instruments is now moving into the very top tiers of jam bands. Think of Electric Octopus with a phaser. Perhaps someday they will reveal their true identities to their minions, but for now we are grateful to listen to these metallic jam tracks.

Omnis Ars Naturae Imitatio Est
I'm liking the new sounds a lot. I have more to say about these Austrian metal jammers at

An hour of doom metal jamming has arrived just in time for the weekend. Thank you, my Austrian friends! I bought this before I listened to it so I will return to add more kudos after a few spins...... OK, I'm back and this is my favorite Dos Brujos album to date. Every track jams with tons of energy without getting lost or repetitive.

Dunes of Ash Ra
I really appreciate DB adding the extra jams and track info -- keeps things fresh and exciting! More mind-melting cover art, as usual.

Taranis' Wrath
This is what a Vulcan mind meld sounds like.

Space Time Warriors
Amazing doom metal jam from these Two Wizards. Quality of an album except you can't exactly tell where each song is going (which is the whole point of a jam). Everywhere it goes sounds great to me. And I love the artwork. This was the first jam I heard from Dos Brujos and I've been blown away ever since.

Baldr's Death
Exactly one hour of instru-metal jamming from the Cavern of Hell for our listening pleasure. I appreciate these guys dropping new releases on Fridays -- let the weekend rituals begin! PRO TIP: set your music player to repeat because this album sounds awesome in a continuous loop.

The Black God
I loved the other album from this jam session (The Land of Three Suns) so I got this one, too. More great doom metal jamming.

Lord of the Great City
More doom metal jamming from the two wizards. Nice flow to the tracks with an epic jam at the end.

Above and Below
An hour of doomy riffy jams! At last summer is officially over! and a rig breakdown! and of course this all drops on Friday just in time for the weekend! Time to start the crawdads boiling and put the beer on ice -- it's going to be a long weekend! Beer recommendations, please! Here in the swamp we enjoy Rolling Rock when it's sweltering hot but switch to Sierra Nevada in the cooler months. And shots of Bayou Rum if we have to clean a gator bite.

God of Infinite Time
This jam is the most special of all! After I discovered Dos Brujos, I knew I had to make a compilation of only sticks & strings bands. It had to be done! The two wizards answered my call and delivered a jam that was the only choice for headlining more than two and a half hours of two-person bands.
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