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THE SWAMP KREWE gets new music every week!

CROW AND POE -- 74 minutes of brand new heavy music based on the poetry and prose of Edgar Allan Poe.

FOLK PSYCH ADONIS -- brand new release from Crow Ballard.

GET IN THE SWAMP -- one hour of music with songs from each band in The Swamp plus a BONUS TRACK from Professor Electric.

and so many more!

Cancel after only a month and keep my ENTIRE discography! That's 15 albums for $3!!

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Get In The Swamp!

You get EVERYTHING (with more on the way), and you get EXCLUSIVE music too! Your support helps me get the word out on underground music here on Bandcamp and over on Instagram.

You also get a LOT of free music! Bands know the Swamp Krewe likes heavy music so when they share download codes with me, I pass them along to the Swamp Krewe.

And MOST IMPORTANTLY it will be YOU who is helping to get the word out on the BEST and FRESHEST music from the underground music scene. Stoner, doom, instrumental, psych, and metal from all around the world.

100% of the subscription fee (less the Bandcamp and PayPal fees) goes towards my monthly Bandcamp fee and buying music from new bands right here on Bandcamp.

Stay heavy my friends.

Fuzzy Cracklins

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Fuzzy Cracklins Presents
Oakland, California
Fuzzy Cracklins promotes heavy underground music from around the world.

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Eric Kruse
Eric Kruse thumbnail
Eric Kruse This is awesome! can't wait to dive in and wrestle some alligators!
ian thumbnail
ian much appreciation to the bands and Fuzzy and everyone in between for making ALL of this happen!
crabsomatic thumbnail
crabsomatic Glad to support what you're doin Fuzzy. Keep it up man!
clyde60hz thumbnail
clyde60hz By far most active Subscription I participate in. Are you new to Bandcamp ? THIS IS YOUR STARTING place.The swamp crew is an assembly of a talented bunch of treasure hunters finding the sound you've been looking for. The KREWE King paid attention in literature class and is an articulate word-smith for you BANDS looking for honest thoughtful reviews.

Fuzzy Cracklins
Fuzzy Cracklins thumbnail
Fuzzy Cracklins Get In The Swamp 🀘🐊
Andy K.
Andy K. thumbnail
Andy K. Glad to be hanging out in the swamp... Keep em Cracklin Fuzzy!!

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